June 08, 2009
Royal Hunt’s André Andersen was featured in Japanese “Keyboard” magazine, the issue featuring “the most influential keyboard players of the decade”. The in-depth interview includes André’s favourite and current gear, studio/recording insights, life-on-the-road stories, views on composing/producing and tips on how to survive in the music business for over 20 years. The 8-pages article also featured a keyboard clinic, during which André demonstrated some of his previous works as well as improvised pieces.
May 25, 2009
All drum parts for the new album have been recorded… Allan Sørensen did it again (brilliantly). Find out more in our “Studio Diary”. 
May 11, 2009
According to numerous requests there seems to be a strong demand among our fans (as well as the press… gee, these people must be bored senseless:-) )for yet another “studio diary”. Well – we’re only here to serve you, so the new and (hopefully) improved version’s been launched – have fun! 
April 20, 2009
For all of you out there, looking for that perfect outfit to wear to your grandma´s birthday, meeting with your future “in-laws” for the first time, job interviews or other special occasions – the search is over: we’re opening our “web shop” – yes, go ahead and click on “Shop” – which supposed to cover all your “fashion needs” as a one-stop, perfect and permanent solution
April 15, 2009
While the band is about to get ready to record their new album, we can as well entertain you a little and let you take a peek “inside” by assembling some of the footage filmed during the recordings of RH´s latest release to date – “Collision Course–Paradox II” – into a video clip (watch it in the media section).  
April 08, 2009
Royal Hunt are entering the very final stages of preproduction for their new – tenth since their debut in 1991 – studio album (the actual recordings will start by the end of this month). This time the band decided to revisit their roots and incorporate some of the musical values of the 70´s into their songwriting as well as – in order to reinforce that particular atmosphere – employing mostly “retro” means of production (recording in analogue format exclusively being one of them). Music has been described as “an interesting mix of what’s been tagged as Classic Rock nowadays (established by Kansas, Genesis, ELP´s earlier works and Deep Purple, Uriah Heep´s classics from the same era) and Royal Hunt´s trademark composition/delivery”.
The album is expected to be mixed/mastered sometime during the summer.
Dec 23, 2008
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! 2008 has been a great year for us and we’d like to thank all of you who bought our latest album and went to our shows – there’s nothing more important to the band than dedicated fans. It’s a bit early to announce our future plans – in details, at least – as we’re in the middle of discussions/negotiations with our labels/promoters and other partners, but a couple of things are certain:there’ll be a new release from us next year AND we’ll be out playing in the summer/fall (including a few festivals)…we’ll keep you updated along the way.Once again – happy holidays to you all, see you next year. Royal Hunt  
July 3, 2008
Mark Boals won’t be able to participate in Royal Hunt shows on July 16th (w/Alice Cooper), August 6th and August 10th (w/Deep Purple) due to his previously arranged commitments. In order to not disappoint our fans (and promoters responsible for these shows) the band decided to go ahead and play abovementioned dates with some invaluable help from our dear friend – Mats Levén ( 
April 18, 2008
COMPETITION:1. Name all solo albums of Royal Hunt’s new vocalist, Mark Boals.2. Who did the mastering for Paradox I and Paradox II?3. What’s the quote of St Francis on page 2 of the Collision Course booklet ?Send your answer and contact details to:
Competition closes on May 18, 2008.
The 3 winners will get:-Collision Course album, signed by Royal Hunt-Collision Course tour t-shirt-Collision Course poster. 

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