September 29th, 2013
We´d like to present you with the cover and track listing for our new album “A LIFE TO DIE FOR”.
The artwork was created by Kai Brockschmidt.
Royal Hunt_cover_2013_400.jpg
(Click for full size)

The album will be made available in 3 different formats:
Digipack CD + DVD (containing live footage from the band´s last year tour, tour documentary and interviews)
Regular CD
180 gr. vinyl, gatefold


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Friday 27 September 2013 – 01:44:00
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September 22nd, 2013
Our next video is all about Andreas: a man who walked 800 km from an unidentified location somewhere in yet-to-be-discovered part of Sweden to Copenhagen only to share his musical vision with us and – in due time – with all of you. This is a story of a man who drinks vodka for breakfast, eats pieces of metal for dinner (by the way, where´s Allan´s ride cymbal?!!!), creates elaborate bass lines while reading his daily newspaper and who´s personality (well-known as highly unpredictable and extremely violent) can ONLY be controlled by the use of gardening equipment. Intrigued? Watch our second episode of “Studio Diary”.


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Sunday 22 September 2013 – 13:36:16
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September 8th, 2012
Let us introduce you to a very bizarre world of Allan Sørensen – a quick look into the process of recording drums for the new Royal Hunt album. Yes, this short yet breathtaking video shows it all: the drama, the action, the ups and downs in the life of a rock star, broken hopes and shattered dreams but in the end – a tremendous victory… a victory of human spirit and mind! Against all odds – armed with only a pair of thin wooden sticks, bits of plastic and chunks of metal – he raises the bar for what we (ordinary humans) call MUSIC. With this extraordinary video clip (and we´re not shy to call it a cinematic masterpiece) we´d like to start our new and vastly improved “Studio Diary”!


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Sunday 08 September 2013 – 14:07:48
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August 23rd, 2013
Royal Hunt moved into one of the theatres in Copenhagen in order to complete the pre-production for their upcoming album. The band is planning to work there for a couple of weeks on their new songs together with a group of classical players.


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Thursday 22 August 2013 – 17:01:20
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August 13th, 2013
We have completed all songwriting for our new album; rehearsals/preproduction will begin in a couple of weeks. Material can be described as a continuation of our previous release yet some details has been added in both songwriting and production departments: in order to upgrade our trademark sound we´re planning to employ a large number of classical/orchestra players in the studio as well as a large choir.
The album is expected to be released in November this year through Marquee/Avalon (Japan & SE Asia) and Frontiers (Europe & N. America).


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Tuesday 13 August 2013 – 03:40:53
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May 24th, 2013
Japanese press on “20th Anniversary – Special Edition” and the bands history.


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Friday 24 May 2013 – 12:15:37
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April 23th, 2013
Royal Hunt have extended their contracts with Frontiers Records and Marquee/Avalon in order to include a brand new studio album which is expected to be released in October/November this year.


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Wednesday 17 April 2013 – 12:48:28
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December 31st, 2012

Happy New Year everybody!

It seems like we´ll have quite a bit of fun in 2013:
“20th Anniversary Special Edition” package has been received so well that we´re in talks right now about releasing it as a gorgeous looking triple vinyl – with bonuses!
A new album? Indeed and this time we´ll deliver something that we´ve never done before – a third decade of RH´s evolution should start with a bang!
And what about touring? Absolutely! We´ve already started discussing it with our promoters so expect to get rocked royally as soon as all the dates will be sorted out – we´ll keep you posted.

Once again: Happy New Year, dear friends, see you all soon!


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Monday 31 December 2012 – 08:21:31
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December 24th, 2012
Dear friends,

We´d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and everything you`ve ever wanted under that christmas tree… wrapped up nicely


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Tuesday 25 December 2012 – 04:02:41
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