December 29th, 2009
Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you like this new-and-improved look and functionality of our website. So – what do we have in store for you?
First of all: our new album is done! As this will be our tenth studio release we decided not to elaborate on its title too much, so here you go: Royal Hunt – “X”… and it will be out in 2010…  smile.png
Secondly: we’ve been talking to various promoters in order to arrange some gigs to support our new release and it looks like there’ll be some “live on stage” action in April/May 2010.
In general: it’s hard to predict how things will shape out with the current state-of-affairs in our “beloved” music business (with piracy and illegal downloading playing the rapidly increasing, harmful part of it), but we’ll definitively give this album a fair chance and work hard to make it successful; in case it won’t work… well, then you’d have to make the next one yourselves  smile.png smile.png

And now – one more time – Happy New Year!
December 24th, 2009
Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us! We have some exciting stuff for you in the works, so go on – spend some quality time with your closest friends and your families during the next few days… we’ll be back next week with some good news.
November 22, 2009
“Road report pt. II” – now you can read about our adventures at the LoudPark Festival in Japan… HERE
November 16, 2009
While everybody’s waiting for the album to be mixed we decided to post a little “road report” from our recent shows; starting with ProgPower USA. Check it out HERE
October 26, 2009
Two weeks of vocal recordings are over and – according to everyone who’ve heard it so far – Mark has never sounded better… the fact that inspired Allan to do a slightly different update for our “Studio Diary”.
September 16, 2009
On October 18th we’ll be playing at “Loud Park Festival” in Japan. Details about the event/line-up can be found on
August 22, 2009
Due to preparations/rehearsals for our upcoming show at ProgPower USA on September 11th in Atlanta, GA, all recordings (as well as updates in our “Studio Diary”) have been put on hold – we’ll continue this musical (and verbal) abuse as soon as we’ll get back home.
July 28, 2009

André announced – officially – that he completed keyboard recordings for the new album. The announcement was met with a hint of scepticism because – as we all know by now – a few unexpected, “additional” keyboard tracks have that mysterious tendency to appear out of the blue later, on that very first day of mixing … But that’s the status as of today – have a listen in our “Studio Diary”.
July 9, 2009
Marcus recorded all of his rhythm guitar parts – quickly and effectively. Check out “Studio Diary” for details and a sound clip.

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