Metal Rules Magazine

royal-hunt-dystopia-fahrenheit-451-progressive-metal-power-metal-melodic-rock In-depth interview with André Andersen has been made by Anders Sandvall of Metal Rules Magazine (Sweden). Digest: 🔴 Paper Blood is being prepared for reissue on a double LP and an extended CD; 🔴 Live activities 2021 are undecided; 2022 looks promising; 🔴 Dystopia. Part II. is in production; 🔴 2022 is the 30th Anniversary year for Royal Hunt. royal-hunt-dystopia-fahrenheit-451-progressive-metal-power-metal-melodic-rock Read the full interview on

Grande Rock eZine

royal-hunt-dystopia-power-progressive-melodic-symphonic-doom-hard-heavy-metal-rock-2020-350 André Andersen interviewed by Thanos Aggelakis of Grande Rock eZine. Royal Hunt are back with their new studio work “Dystopia” two years after their previous release. Grande Rock had a stimulating chat with the band’s songwriter, keyboardist and mastermind André Andersen about the album concept, the title and the second part of the concept that’s about to be released in a year or so, among other things. READ FULL

Highwire Daze Magazine

andre_andersen_royal_hunt_interview_2021 A DYSTOPIAN WORLD WITH ANDRÉ ANDERSEN OF ROYAL HUNT. Royal Hunt has returned with their 15th studio masterwork entitled Dystopia, and it’s guaranteed to intrigue progressive power metal fans all over the planet. From the imagination of founding member André Andersen and featuring the mesmerizing lead vocals of long time collaborator D.C. Cooper, Dystopia’s rock opera style presentation also contains guest performances from the likes of Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteem, Ring Of Fire) and Mats Leven (Candlemass, Therion). READ FULL

Interview by Sonic Perspectives

andre-andersen-interview-by-sonic-perspectives Enjoy a captivating interview accompanied by outstanding photography by Joel Barrios from "Sonic Perspectives" who's been a long-time-fan of Royal Hunt according to his own testimony: "Sometimes lost in a space between being too keyboard leaning for the average power metal fan and too heavy for the average prog-rock fan is a band I've followed for over a decade, Royal Hunt. However, even if your initial impression is that the band is just outside your wheelhouse I must suggest you give a full album a listen to get a full appreciation of what you might be missing. I had the pleasure of catching up with the keyboardist and primary composer of the band, Andre Andersen, to talk about Royal Hunt's 25+ years of music, their live show, and their latest album "Cast in Stone". The band's breakthrough album was 1997's Paradox, which remains an all-time personal favorite and a must listen for anyone interested in prog or metal. For the past four albums, the band has seen the return of a premier vocalist in D.C. Cooper and have consistently been producing music with their signature blend of sounds."