Land of Broken Hearts: Story. Continues…

Welcome to the private screening of the brand new video clip for the song “Age Gone Wild”. The clip will be premierred on YouTube later this month. The footage we’re showing you today is not final but rather Director’s Cut which preserves original coloring of partially damaged tapes we found, funny moments and traces of time.
As usual, André gives a detailed comment below:

“…Actually, we arranged this video shoot only for “Day In Day Out”: rented some extra gear (more is more!), set it all up in the Nordisk Film hangar, ordered our first “proper” backdrop, hired a camera crew, worked out the basic concept and got started.

By the end of the day we had – unexpectedly – a couple of hours left and somebody spontaneously suggested to shoot another one: no plan, no preparations – just go through the song a few times for… you know…“just in case”.

The whole thing´s been done “on the fly”: our light engineer changed the setting a little bit but, obviously, no smart camera angles or other “cinematic” trick´s been used; we played the song a few times and let the camera crew improvise with the filming.

The very next day “Day In Day Out” went into the editing suite for post-production as it was planned, while “Age Gone Wild” was left as it was: we just copied all these takes onto one roll of film and stored it for “later”…time went by and everybody simply forgot all about it… until, as you can see, I coincidently found this tape 27 years “later”.