Land of Broken Hearts: Story. Continues…

Another bit of fun while continuing our little journey “down the memory lane”:

André Andersen: While going through my – rather vast – archives I picked up some tapes which we recorded back in the day; I guess the one I listened through was approx. from 1990. Lots of songs, lots of ideas – all of them are raw and unfinished, some are just bits and pieces of a drum beat, bass line, accord sequences… not much to go after, but you´d get an overall idea.

Anyway, one of the pieces was called “What Goes Around Comes Around”: a rocky riff, “gang choir” and lyrics to match… I guess it could have been a good companion for songs like “Running Wild” or “Wasted Time”. Of course the actual recording sounded clumsy and overall quality was dreadful, but “savable” for this particular cause.

I called Henrik and asked him if he wanted to put a new swing on it and – as he, to my surprise, was game – I asked some of my friends (including Ritchie´s and Yngwee´s bastard son – Jonas Larsen) – to add some musical noises to this relic… fortunately, they all agreed 

In conclusion: this song´s definitely not what Royal Hunt is about today, but it gives you a hint of what was going on while we were preparing for recordings of our debut – LOBH – and yet surprisingly relevant today (at least Henrik, Jonas and I think so  Hell, we had so much fun that we almost agreed on doing something like that (no, not from the archives, but something new) in the future – just for laughs, who knows? :->