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Dear friends, we’d like to share some really exciting news with you… It is especially vinyl record collectors and our long-time fans who have been waiting for this to happen. We continue the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Royal Hunt with the very special re-issue of our very first album – 💿 Land of Broken Hearts from 1991 – on vinyl LP by our friends – Night of the Vinyl Dead.

Members of our Fan Club will get the most intriguing updates as we are going to dive DEEP into 1991 and the history of creation of our the very first album. This time we’ll invite you to walk downstairs into the basement of NorthPoint Studio to open some really dusty boxes and see WHAT (or WHOM) will we find from the Land of Broken Hearts era. Are you in?

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Unreleased Song – New Recording


Land of Broken Hearts: Story. Continues…

Another bit of fun while continuing our little journey “down the memory lane”:

André Andersen: While going through my – rather vast – archives I picked up some tapes which we recorded back in the day; I guess the one I listened through was approx. from 1990. Lots of songs, lots of ideas – all of them are raw and unfinished, some are just bits and pieces of a drum beat, bass line, accord sequences… not much to go after, but you´d get an overall idea.

Anyway, one of the pieces was called “What Goes Around Comes Around”: a rocky riff, “gang choir” and lyrics to match… I guess it could have been a good companion for songs like “Running Wild” or “Wasted Time”. Of course the actual recording sounded clumsy and overall quality was dreadful, but “savable” for this particular cause.

I called Henrik and asked him if he wanted to put a new swing on it and – as he, to my surprise, was game – I asked some of my friends (including Ritchie´s and Yngwee´s bastard son – Jonas Larsen) – to add some musical noises to this relic… fortunately, they all agreed 

In conclusion: this song´s definitely not what Royal Hunt is about today, but it gives you a hint of what was going on while we were preparing for recordings of our debut – LOBH – and yet surprisingly relevant today (at least Henrik, Jonas and I think so  Hell, we had so much fun that we almost agreed on doing something like that (no, not from the archives, but something new) in the future – just for laughs, who knows? :->

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Land of Broken Hearts LP on Vinyl by Royal Hunt

Land of Broken Hearts: Story. Continues…

Great news on Christmas Eve!

Yes! – better late than never… The pressing plant has been overbooked this fall so we’ve been waiting for a long, long time. But now, finally, we are happy to announce that our debut album has been reissued on a limited to 350 hand numbered copies, 180 g colored vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve with lyrics + insert containing rare and never seen before photos of the band. Check them out! 

Track list: Running Wild – Easy Rider – Flight – Age Gone Wild – Martial Arts – One by One – Heart of the City – Land of Broken Hearts – Freeway Jam – Kingdom Dark – Stranded – Day In Day Out – Bad Luck (previously only released in Japan).

We would like to thank Night of The Vinyl Dead for a great job and devotion. 

We have prepared a solid bonus for all of you who order LP from

–  All LPs will be signed 
–  Access to video updates;
– Private screening of an old footage from LOBH era (NEVER RELEASED BEFORE);

Land of Broken Hearts LP on Vinyl by Royal Hunt

The LPs will be shipped as soon as we receive them in Denmark. (Unless you order a bundle.) 

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