New Album 2015

Dear friends,

We´d like to announce that we already completed the songwriting/pre-production process for our new (thirteenth) studio album due to release later this year. Recordings will start shortly at NorthPoint Productions with André Andersen producing.

As a new twist on proceedings we´ve also started our first ever pre-ordering campaign on Pledge Music. Support us by sharing this information with your friends and other music fans, or even becoming a pledger.

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New Album 2015 — 46 Comments

  1. André you should give also de chance to have a conversation or interview with your fans. I would like to ask you so many things.

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  3. Good News! I have been a long time Royal Hunt fan. You are Prog Rock Masters in your own right. Success attend you and keep on rocking! Counting every minute to get the new album!

  4. I can’t believe you’re selling the Beast ! It will end up on a die-hard fan’s wall in Russia or Japan… what a shame.

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