Royal Hunt Demo Tape Side A

Royal Retro continues spying about the history of Royal Hunt and their very first recordings. Some of you were actually pretty close to guessing the songs, but none could name all four of them… understandably so as all songs were written way before the band was even formed, so we asked André himself to comment:

“In retrospect – an interesting combination of songs…I´d date it back to 1989/early 1990. “One by One” has been written years earlier (I´d guess ´86/87), we played it “live” numerous times in our “club days”, before we got signed. Same thing with “Age Gone Wild” – I recall this particular version being our second attempt to record it. “Give it Up” should be a little older, yet – for some reason – ended on “Moving Target” (1995)… never played that one live. “Heart of the City” has been recorded for this demo tape especially… I guess we wanted to add something a bit faster to this collection of songs”.

Royal Hunt Demo Tape Side B