Hello friends,

Thanks to your huge support – crowdfunding for “Dystopia – Part 2” is now completed – what a ride it was!

And… there are still a few things to share and get done…

We therefore decided to go on with Royal Hunt Camp.
(at least until the end of the year).

So, why should you join Royal Hunt Camp 22 (if you haven’t already) ?  – Because crowdfunders will get:

– A rare collectable artifact –  prize draw #1
– A rare collectable artifact –  prize draw #2
– A rare item – prize draw #3
– Bonus video materials and premieres
 (First premiere – TOMORROW)
– Access to all previous materials in Camp 2022
– 25% OFF in vip shopping
– A great deal of support for the band: the money goes to promotion of “Dystopia – Part 2”. 

Are you in?

Join by ordering the Deluxe Edition of “Dystopia Part – 2” or “Camp 2022 – Access only

(NB: If you crowdfunded for “Dystopia – Part 2” – you already have this access, no need to buy it again unless you want to ). 

Stay Safe and Rock On!