Enjoy a captivating interview accompanied by outstanding photography by Joel Barrios from “Sonic Perspectives” who’s been a long-time-fan of Royal Hunt according to his own testimony: “Sometimes lost in a space between being too keyboard leaning for the average power metal fan and too heavy for the average prog-rock fan is a band I’ve followed for over a decade, Royal Hunt. However, even if your initial impression is that the band is just outside your wheelhouse I must suggest you give a full album a listen to get a full appreciation of what you might be missing. I had the pleasure of catching up with the keyboardist and primary composer of the band, Andre Andersen, to talk about Royal Hunt’s 25+ years of music, their live show, and their latest album “Cast in Stone”.

The band’s breakthrough album was 1997’s Paradox, which remains an all-time personal favorite and a must listen for anyone interested in prog or metal. For the past four albums, the band has seen the return of a premier vocalist in D.C. Cooper and have consistently been producing music with their signature blend of sounds.”