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October 2022

“The Purge” – playthrough by Jonas Larsen

2022-10-13T13:00:53+00:00October 13, 2022|

Hey Campers,   Young and blatantly white incarnation of Chuck Berry plays his heart out in the tear-jerking blues classic.   Jonas also talks about his recording gear and shreds through “The Purge” – an instrumental track from the upcoming album. Gear details for the ultimate guitar nerds:   Les Paul into Peavey 5150 Strat into Tube Screamer into Marshall 900 Coffee – 12 mugs, cream no sugar Camel cigs – uncountable   Feel free to give your feedback on this instrumental. And choose a song for the next listening [...]

September 2022

Listening Party: Online

2022-10-01T15:05:41+00:00September 28, 2022|

UPD: 1.10.2022 Hey all, Just had a nice listening party – “Live Another Day” – with Andreas, Jonas and Habo (DC couldn´t join as it was 10 in the morning here and Pittsburg is a bunch of hours behind), Connection was sketchy but we managed somehow, exchanged some “war stories” and had a few laughs. Hope you like the song and we´ll see you here again soon. Cheers! André Posted: 28.09.2022 Hey Campers, Shall we have a listening party? What about this Saturday, October 1st? [...]

Final Tracklist Revealed

2022-09-11T20:56:26+00:00September 8, 2022|

Howdy partners,We are happy to be able to announce the final tracklist of the new studio album "Dystopia - Part 2": 1. MIDWAY (RESUMPTION)2. THORN IN MY HEART3. THE KEY OF INSANITY4. LIVE ANOTHER DAY5. THE PURGE6. ONE MORE SHOT7. SCREAM OF ANGERa) Hit and Run  b) The Thrill of the Chase8. LEFT IN THE WIND9. RESURRECTION F451 The entire opus is just one minute shy of an hour:  58:57:17Thanks to your huge support we're getting closer to the goals of our pre-ordering campaign. The album is finished and its release is scheduled.  You can [...]

August 2022

Mixing Dystopia – Part 2

2022-08-10T12:38:04+00:00August 10, 2022|

Hey all.  Good news from the NorthPoint dungeon: "Dystopia - Part 2" is at the mixing stage. So far it sounds quite a bit edgier than its predecessor, but fear not – it´s still very much Royal Hunt. The word´s out that this album will contain 9 tracks with running time just under an hour. Mastering session has already been booked and we all simply can´t wait to let you hear the result – should be epic. So wish us luck in mixing "Dystopia - Part 2" and – [...]

July 2022


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