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Dystopian updates:

  • Andre Andersen is mixing Dystopia - Part 2

Mixing Dystopia – Part 2

August 10, 2022|1 Comment

Hey all.  Good news from the NorthPoint dungeon: "Dystopia - Part 2" is at the mixing stage. So far it sounds quite a bit edgier than its predecessor, but fear not – it´s still [...]

Royal Confidential

July 26, 2022|6 Comments

... it´s DC´s turn to ask questions and comment on Andre´s answers for a change. Rare situation and quite fun to watch. Enjoy the new music from the studio session and the chat.  [...]

#05 And here we go again…

June 14, 2022|10 Comments

Hey Campers, Henrik just happened to be in the neighborhood, so – after a cup of coffee and a little chat – what´s more natural than just walk on the mic and rip for [...]

#04 DC on the loose!

May 20, 2022|9 Comments

Hey Campers, We put a camera in front of DC and let him share his views on the new album, being a musician for so many years and even followed him around while he [...]

#03 Andreas Passmark: words of wisdom

April 22, 2022|2 Comments

Hey bassplayers / lowenders of all sorts… Andreas Passmark´s  in the house!... but some of you mortals can also join in J Our own King of Rumble is sharing his wisdom about some very important [...]

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#02 André & DC: incredibly productive week-and-a-half in Copenhagen

April 6, 2022|Comments Off on #02 André & DC: incredibly productive week-and-a-half in Copenhagen

Hey Campers, Thank you for your tremendous support! A little update on the state-of-affairs from Royal Hunt Camp 2022: DC has spent an incredibly productive week-and-a-half in Copenhagen, recording his vocal parts, participating in [...]

“Dystopia – Part 2” is in production

March 24, 2022|3 Comments

Dear friends, You´ve been warned repeatedly, so there´re absolutely no excuses left to “not-to-know”: pre-ordering campaign for our long awaited “Dystopia – Part 2” album is finally on! Thinking back to the release date [...]

Family Reunion

March 12, 2022|Comments Off on Family Reunion

Many thanks to amazing people around us whose expertise and professionalism cannot be matched. Thank you from all of us - Jacob Sorensen Morten Choi Christian Nørgaard of Better Moments Kim Per Abildtrup Per [...]

#01 Studio Update – Drum Recording

March 7, 2022|Comments Off on #01 Studio Update – Drum Recording

Dear friends, Welcome to Royal Hunt Camp 2022! Andreas “Habo” finished recording his drum parts for “Dystopia – Part 2” (and did it with his usual flair and precision) but yet he attached a [...]

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