Full length studio album


“Neo Classical mix with the melodic Metal, making ROYAL HUNT‘s established style beginning to show signs of age, and don’t get me wrong, when I say this, it is because that ROYAL HUNT is starting to become a classic in the music world, a place well-earned with all the talent that has been out from each and every song in the past and in this release. Operatic “Metal” voices, symphonies made only with the keyboards, hard riffs, catchy rhythms, easy-to-learn lyrics; a perfect reunion of this elements in only 7 songs, something very outstanding if I may say, because some “great” bands try the same in 14 or 15 songs, and not even a single one is good enough to compare with ROYAL HUNT tracks.

So, after all the praises I’ve written, I can only say that listening to this has made me very happy, full of energy and eager to hear more of this “new” line-up. And to those who still do not believe me I only could tell: “Whoever’s path you’ve crossed, whatever’s hurting most, It´ll all be washed away… a hard rain is coming”. // Jorge “The Zarto” Zamudio of  Metal-temple.com  Score: 10/10

One More Day

Another day is passing by
But I’m still standing; you might ask me “Why?
How many heartaches can you take?
How many wounds until your heart will break?”
I’m moving on, I’m pushing on
Have no direction, but I’m going strong
Just like a ship without a sail
With a hurricane right on its tail
I can’t allow myself to fail

One more day – if you can give me one more day
Just one day – before you leave me – one more day.

The ones I met, the ones I lost
Became a single – kind of scary – ghost
It keeps on knocking on my door
I tell you. I can’t take it anymore
Entire life – a bloody mess
But at this point I couldn’t care less
Whoever stayed, whoever fled:
You sort it out while I’m – instead –
Will keep on moving straight ahead

The race is on… I kneel and pray:
“Just give me one more day.”

Another Man Down

Hey, how’ve you been? Dreamed ’bout you lately…
Whom have you seen? Miss you all… miss you greatly
I saw you smile… when? Last december?
Yeah, it’s been awhile since you left. I remember
Pain… as we’re saying goodbye… pouring rain
Me? I don’t know… lost all my senses –
Facing the war makes you strong yet defenseless
Hell’s all around, all that dying and screaming
Where’s no way out – you are next… so I’m dreaming

I close my eyes and hear: “Another man down.”
But far behind me – I’m flying –
Somebody else’s body hits the ground I’m moving away… or just trying?

I spread my wings and hear: “Another man down.” more screaming, cursing and
Somebody else’s body hitting the ground… I open my eyes… and I am this
“another man down”

Hey, it’s getting colder… oh no, time to go

An Empty Shell

I saw you all around the place
a sure and solid bet:
no heart, no soul… a common face,
as cold as you can get

Without a clue, without a cause
it’s in your blood, cuz otherwise you’re just an
empty shell

Behind that almost perfect mask
no feelings, no remorse
Remember: time is running fast,
the sound of closing doors
is getting louder every day.
you never had a real name, you’re just an
empty shell

The end is near so unavoidable and rude
I guess you’re dwelling on the past
Whatever happens here
is easy understood:
you’re never meant to last, you’re never gonna last.

Without a clue, without a cause
it’s in your blood, cuz otherwise you’re just an
empty shell

Half Past Loneliness

Life’s not the same without you
All this time around you’s been a dream.
And you’d never guess:
Still I can hear your laughter even ages after
You’ve been gone. and I confess:

Half past loneliness… I’m waiting for
All my dreams to show up at my door
The clock has stopped at
Half past loneliness… I’m wide awake
How much more a wounded,
Broken heart can take?

Wait just a minute longer –
Pain is getting stronger every time
You’re on my mind
Now all I do is trying to forget, denying
A sense of time of any kind

Hard Rain’s Coming

Tell me how do you sleep at night and help me
To understand your twisted mind:
Living off someone’s misery and giving
Away the pain… and feeling fine?
You’re waiting for a miracle to wash your sins away?
Sorry, but I can’t change your pity story…
There’s nothing I can do at all
Too late, the only thing that’s left is to wait
A little for that final call… your fall
Still praying for a miracle to wash your sins away?

Whoever you betrayed, whatever price you’ve paid –
It all’ll be washed away… a hard rain is coming
Whoever’s on the run, whatever’s left undone –
It will be over soon… a hard rain is coming

No sorrow and no fear and all your sins will disappear
Whoever’s path you’ve crossed, whatever’s hurting most –
It all’ll be washed away… a hard rain is coming

You’re on your own, whatever you have done –
It’s time to pay
Just walk alone and settle all your depths –
Here, right away
A heart of stone is breaking quickly… man,
It’s not your day
But either way – you can’t stop dreaming,
Well… keep on dreaming

Show Me How To Live

In the midnight hour I’m sitting by the fire,
Running out of memories to burn
Look, I’m in your power – beaten down and tired,
Waiting for the last thing left to learn

So show me how to live

You can leave me waiting by this dying fire…
Just a single question, anyway:
What’s the point – creating life but no desire
To hang on and face another day?

So show me how to live, cuz all I do is trying
To honestly forgive, but patience’s running dry
So show me how to live: you can’t keep denying
What all you’ve had to give – a thousand ways to die
Now show me how to live

Angel’s Gone

Can’t go on without knowing
How to make it through another day
Can’t be blind yet keep on going
Tell me why you’ve left me here to stay
All alone… on my own… it goes on and on

Lift me up and bring me straight to heaven
Burn my past and everything I’ve done
Take my sins – I piled them up, all seven
… now I see – my guarding angel’s gone

I don’t know where did you come from.
Fallen angel from a dream… you see:
I don’t care, and if it’s such a turn on –
Tear apart the very rest of me
Lose the key… let it be… set me free

However… forever… my guarding angel’s gone

Music & Lyrics by André Andersen

Published by Warner Chappell