Full length studio album


The Awakening

[by Andre Andersen]

Standin’ at the crossroad, waitin’ for the storm,
I can feel it comin’ on the wings of dawn.
So many years I’ve walked alone – down the long way home…

River Of Pain

[by Andre Andersen]

I don’t believe in tomorrows – you’ll never change my point of view,
My fears and sorrows runnin’ down my spine, I tell you.
I watch my people dyin’, I watch them go – I don’t know where…
The skies are crying, washing out their blood into the

The rivers runs away,
Turns red and looks like vein.
The rivers shows the way,
Away from bloody rain.

The Gods of war are callin’, I hear their voices in the wind.
The sun is falling – another day is gone, another sin.
I see the star of sadness is touchin’ bodies on the ground.
Somebody’s madness just took my life and turned it upside down.

The river of pain – we’re all betrayed and sold,
The river of pain – my land is dead and cold.
The river of pain – when I close my eyes,
The river of pain – spirit never dies…

My time has come I’m leaving, my mind is tearin’ me apart.
I wanna die believing in common sense and wisdom of my heart…

Tearing Down The World

[by Andre Andersen]

Every empire was raised by the slave,
Built through the ages – destroyed in a day.
Solid walls your golden cage, now it’s time to turn the page.

Tearin’ down – we’re gonna burn it,
To the ground – you’ll never learn it.
Watch us now – we’re tearin’ down the world.
Tearin’ down – by bits and pieces,
To the ground – we’ll never miss it.
Watch us now – we’re tearin’ down the world.

Brother to brother, father to son,
No one recalls when the madness began – and nobody cares!
Can you live your life in hell, can’t you hear the warning bell?

Water’s like acid and heaven’s like hell,
Whole world’s like paper and steel.
What should we do if it won’t ring a bell?
Tell me just what do you feel?

Drink out the ocean and stare down the star,
Burn down the forest and steal food from hungry,
You made it so far.
Tell me just what do you feel?

Message To God

[by Andre Andersen]

The one who’s watchin’ over my shoulder – get a life!
I see your arms are nailed to the cross, but your eyes are so alive.
I never thought you’re lying but now it’s turned around,
So many hearts are dying – you let them down,
Over and over again…

Can’t reach you, can’t meet you,
I give you everything I’ve got.
You hear me, don’t leave me,
It’s my message to you, God.
Can’t see you, can’t feel you,
I’ve lost just everything I’ve got,
Forget me, you’ve left me,
It’s my message to you, God…

We’re busy burnin’ witches the way we learned from you.
We’re good at killing creatures, so teach us something new, come on!
One of your own creations is kind of hard to understand,
You, freak of nature – just tell me why did you create us man?

Traces on the floor, I can’t hear the door closing me.
Right inside my dream, it’s a sign from him – let me be.
Sunrise through the dust – future is the past chasin’ me.
Shadows on the wall, voices down the halls calling me,
Over and over again…

Long Way Home

[by Andre Andersen]

When the nigh is calling I shut another door,
Celebrating loneliness I never knows before.
I miss a place to call my own – it’s a long way home…
In my open prison cell just everything I’ve got,
Disappeared in silence every word I’ve said is not.
And now I’m lost and all alone – it’s a long way home…

It’s a long road, but ever longer to the blind,
And I’ve been searchin’ way too long.
Still I can’t find the place where I belong
It’s a long way home…

You see me suffer on my knees – I wish I knew just what it means.
You watch us come, you watch us go – he tells me something I don’t know.
You’ve set me up, I thought I’m free – just tell me where you wanna be?
Another step and I’ll be gone – what you will do can be undone…

Time Will Tell

[by Andre Andersen]

You shut the door, you let me hang myself,
You’ve turned your back on me and now I’m gone.
So listen, ask yourself, can you undo what I’ve done?

You told me lies you’ve tried to put me down,
You showed me hell because that’s where I’ve been,
I hope you happy now – I didn’t like what I have seen…

Yeah, I do appreciate,
You’re the one who gave this kind of fate to me,
But I can’t wait until…

Time will tell – you’re on your feet so far, but only
Time will tell – how long it’s gonna lasts!
Time will tell – you’re reachin’ for the star, but only
Time will tell – if shadows from the past will bring you hell…

You just can’t get enough, you broke my heart,
You’re so rich now you can ski uphill.
Tear my life apart – you never ask me how I feel…

Life is going down the drain,
You got pleasure, all I got is pain – you’re driving me insane!

Rest your weary head my son, all your troubles just begun.
Close your eyes, unchain your heart – help you God…
Full of hate as you have always been,
Drop your gun ‘cos anger is the sin…

Silent Scream

[by Andre Andersen]

White dress, torture in disguise, pointin’ flashlight right into my eyes.
Sharp pain every single night – every day I fight a hopeless fight…

Look, over thirty years I’ve wished that I was dead,
Somebody, help me out, ‘cos I’m tied down to my bed…

I’m lookin’ for someone to release me,
I’m waitin’ for an angel from my dream,
I’m talkin’ to all of you around me,
I’m asking you – tell me can you hear my silent scream?

Dear God gave me such a life full of pain, it’s sharp just like a knife,
I can think, but I can not tell, what’s life to you to me is hell.

I hear the storm outside – first crop just hit the roof,
I’d die to see the rain, but I can’t … move

… If living is my cross, so let me die or crucify me now,
But tell me, can you hear my silent scream?

Time stays still – only I can feel when the darkness will appear,
Every day I wished away my fear…

It’s Over

[by Andre Andersen]

Look, broken moon shines through the clouds so restless,
Cold, even light just touched the hill of sadness.
Flash back – it all happens again,
Traces of tears will be washed off by rain…

Over, it’s over, look I’m goin’ down,
But you can’t see anything.
Over, it’s over, King is Dead – Long Live the King!

I’m on the same path to the cross as the last time,
They’ll crucify me once again – you’ve broken my heart,
As you did it before.
Judas I’ll wait, come and knock at my door.

Over, it’s over, they just shut me down,
And you won’t do anything…
Over, it’s over, King is Dead – Long Live the King!

Royal Hunt Paradox  Lyrics
All songs by Andre Andersen
Published by Warner Chappell