Full length studio album



[by André Andersen]

Daylight is waving goodbye
Darkness is here throwing sand in your eye
What can you do, where can you hide?
I just wonder

Light in your room’s turning red
ready to find monsters under your bed
Dreams just fall apart
Chill from the inside is touching your heart

Round and round wind of time’s gonna follow you
Round and round stealing year after year
Every night it will overpower you
Every night – face your fear

Build your illusions to last
Mercyless time’s gonna turn them to dust
Over the years just look what all of us’ve done
one to another as God to his son

Thousands of tricks up it’s sleave
playing with you like a wind with the leaf
Making you scream every day:
“Take me down – just take me away!”

Faces Of War

[by André Andersen]

Runaway’s free, enemy’s found
I’m on the plane but my heart’s on the ground
frozen by fear, covered in snow
pounding away in dispair and somehow I know
we’ll never make it back – where do we go?

On top of the world I’m a king of the hill
I’m riding the wind and horses of steel
I’m one of a kind, just open your door
to one of the faces of war
Let me inside I’m just one of the faces of war

Senses are dead, reason is gone
Why do I shoot, tell me, what have they done?
Innocent kid covered in blood
Shreaded to pieces and left in the mud
Now I know – we’ll never make it back. Where do we go?

End of the road, back to the wall
I’m kicking the dust on the spot where I’ll fall
Final command – crime in disguise
Second of pain and I’m closing my eyes – now you know
We’re never coming back – it’s time to go

Cold City Lights

[by André Andersen]

In the heat of night neon lights are so bright
I don’t know where the hell they are leading me
So I walk like I’m blind, feel I’m loosing my mind
Are you sure it is how it’s supposed to be?

No, but it seems to me I’m falling
down to the same old ground again

Cold City Lights all over you
Cold City’s playing games with you
Cold City Lights make sure that nothing is what it seems
Cold City Lights you’ve got to know
Cold City’ll never let you go
Cold City Lights all over land of the broken dreams

Everybody look down, what is wrong with this town?
Every piece of it’s caught in a web of fear
In the middle of the crowd you can scream, you can shout
I’m afraid there’s noone that’ll ever hear you
and it seems to me you’re falling down
to the same old ground again

Voices inside my head playing games and it sounds like a war
I’d pretend to be dead – no, no more


[by André Andersen]

Feels like I’m covered in lies
so turn off the light, I’m closing my eyes
Flying back – ages ago
Curtain is down and I’m ready to go
back to the day when I looken into your eyes
Straight to your heart – when I knew
you’ve been telling me lies

Even the day when we met
I’ll always recall with the deepest regret
Tell me what keeps you awake:
Talk of the angel or soul of the snake?
How can you live in your shadow from within
Hiding away from the light in the river of sin?

Lies, neverinding lies, I see it in your eyes
Did you stop believing ?
Lies always cold as ice, even heaven cries
for you, but not forgiving
Lies – the way to paradise you’re gonna pay the price
on the field of growing lies
Neverending lies need a sacrifice –
you’re the one who’s going down

Dealing with you on my own
Loosing my faith so I have to be strong
crossing the sea of mistrust while
looking for gold which you covered with dust

Follow Me

[by André Andersen]

If pictures could talk there’d be too many voices
If sorrow could scream I’d be deaf in a day
I beg my memories to slowly fade away
Too many voices

If pain could’ve been seen there’d be too many faces
wherever I’d go – I’d rather be blind
And in the darkest night I’d loose my guiding light
but you I’ll find even if I’m blind

Follow me – but I don’t know where I’m going
Follow me down the road to something new
Follow me – there’s no other way of knowing
what your heart is telling you

I’m planting my hopes and I harvest illusions
year after year – understood by a few
Sometimes it seems like I’m getting through to you
but it’s just an illusion

I’m so afraid of loosing you
but there’s nothing I can do
Nothing I can do but my heart is calling you – follow me


[by André Andersen]

Stranger, stranger look what’s going on
Danger, danger’s coming, you’re alone
in the noman’s land, out of your head
where the angels fear to tread

Voices are calling
Calling for you from the stories which never’ve been told
Voices are calling
Voices of heroes – betrayed and left out in the cold
Voices are calling
Crying for vengeance that they were denied through the years
Voices are calling
Sharing their secrets of glory and tears

Dreamer, dreamer once again refused
to be a winner – sinner – what are you going to loose?
Hide behind the lies, close your eyes
Step by step your spirit dies

Voices are calling
Calling for you from the stories which never’ve been told
Voices are calling
Voices of heroes – betrayed and left out in the cold
Voices are calling
Crying for vengeance that they were denied through the years
Voices are calling
Trying to tell you their secrets of glory and tears

Sea Of Time

[by André Andersen]

In the ocean of dreams
things are changing but staying the same
Nothing is like it seems
So unreal that it drives me insane in the heat of seven
suns Surrender to the
power of time. End of the line – ready or not but you’ll
always remember

Everyday in your life you’ve lonely
Every tear in your eye is only
little step on the way to face your fear – I’m thinking
about you
Every bridge that you’ll burn behind you
Every page that you’ll turn’ll remind you what
everyday is another lonely tear falling in the sea of time

Gentle voice from above
makes you carry your cross through the day
Speaking wisdom and love
to confuse you – then fading away
into the light of 7th sun he’ll run
Don’t be afraid, never surrender
Ages will pass but we’ll always remember

Royal Hunt Fear  Lyrics
All songs by André Andersen
Published by Warner Chappell