Any suggestions?

Hi we’re in sunny Copenhagen, going’ to shoot a video tomorrow. We’ve been discussing a setlist for the upcoming shows in April, would you write your suggestions?


Any suggestions? — 45 Comments

  1. So Right So Wrong
    Tear in the Rain
    One More Day
    Legion of the Damned
    Makin’ a Mess
    Follow Me
    World Wide War
    Not My Kind
    Divide and Reign
    Sign of Yesterday
    Message to God
    It’s Over

  2. Sign of yesterday, Riches and rags, Wicked lounge, Tears of the Sun, Bad luck, Angel’s gone, Judgement day, Long way home, Day in day out, Legion of the damned, Here today, gone tomorrow, Time will tell, Sea of time, Running out of tears, Won’t trust, won’t fear, won’t beg.

  3. I wanna hear “Cast in Stone” and “Fistful of Misery” from the new album. And also “A Million Ways To Die”and”The Wishing Well” .

  4. Setlist MUST include:

    Half Past Loneliness
    Message to God
    Army of Slaves
    Martial Arts
    Until the Day
    May You Never (Walk Alone)
    Heart on a Platter
    One Minute Left to Live
    River of Pain
    Wasted Time

    • Guys, please, play some songs from The Mission (for example The Mission, Surrender or Judgement Day) ^_^
      Also I’d be happy to hear Follow Me, Season`s Change, Lies, Cold City Lights and Fear.
      Waiting for your show in Moscow! \m/

  5. Greetings from Serbia, saw you twice in Budapest. Would love to hear:
    Day in day out, Bad luck, Here today gone tomorrow, Epilogue, Far away (just Andre and DC), Time will tell, Faces of war, Lies, Sea of time, Judgement day, Out of reach, Days of no trust, Total recall, Never give up, Shadowman, Another man down, Angel’s gone, Sign of yesterday, Riches to rags, How do you know…

  6. In Athens we can’t wait to hear the whole Paradox album!!!!!
    Half past lonelines, is also great!!!!
    And anything from Moving Target would be very welcome!!!!

  7. Ρε θα παίξετε τίποτα από το Paradox ή να πάμε για σουβλάκια απέναντι;

  8. Hello from Athens Greece!I suggest the following:
    1)Easy rider
    2)One by One
    3)Clown in the Mirror
    4)Bad Blood
    5)Last Goodbye
    6)Step by Step
    7)Give It Up
    8)Message to God
    9)So Right So Wrong
    10)Follow Me
    11)The Hell Comes Down From Heaven

  9. I’ve been thinking, maybe RH can perform a cover of a Silent Force song? Silent Force performed River of Pain once, maybe Royal Hunt can return the gesture, especially with DC.

  10. Break Your Chains
    One More Day
    On The Run
    Ten To Life
    Makin’ A Mess
    The Last Leaf
    Tearing Down The World
    Judgement Day
    The First Rock
    Freeway Jam
    Until The Day
    Silent Scream
    The Final Lullaby
    Falling Down
    Follow Me
    Last Goodbye

  11. I’d say:
    Show me how to live
    The whole mission album (such an amazing concept album, it deserves to be played live in its entirety!)
    Tears of the sun
    High noon at the battlefield
    Good luck for picking the set list and I hope your next tour will bring you to France.

  12. SHADOWMAN from “X”, the most underrated song of the whole RH catalogue. It would be amazing to hear it after a DC treatement! And then:
    -Give It Up (the most underrated PT.2)
    -Show Me How To LIve (the best song of the 2000-years must be played!)
    -Land Of Broken Hearts
    -Sea Of Times
    -Eye Witness
    -Not My Kind
    -The Clan

  13. Easy Rider
    Last Goodbye
    Far Away
    An Empty Shell
    Angel’s Gone
    Sign Of Yesterday

    I go Osaka Show!I’m looking forward to it!!!

  14. Age Gone Wild
    Legion of the Damned
    Makin’ a Mess
    World Wide War
    The Edge of the World
    Not My Kind
    Tears of the Sun
    Army of Slaves
    Half Past Loneliness
    One Minute Left to Live
    Riches to Rags

  15. I would like to hear:
    Kingdom Dark
    Clown in the Morror
    Last Goodbye
    The Mission
    Blood Red Stars
    One More Day or Angel’s Gone
    Hell Comes Down From Heaven
    May You Never (Walk Alone)

  16. I’m except for something of a basic from the inside of a favorite song

    World Wide War
    Edge of the World
    Not My Kind
    Season’s Change
    The First Rock
    Another Man Down
    A Bullet’s Tale
    Sign of Yesterday
    Way Too Late

    Even if it’s selected carefully below the half, this

    Maybe it’s serious to play Shadowman and Eyewitness.

  17. Sign of yesterday is definitely what I would like to hear in the coming tour and what I haven’t heard before!
    And One more day must make your show more exciting!

  18. Rex Tanzwut: Ah! Too many to mention! But I Will rescue “time” “making a mess” “running Wild” “land….”, “Paper Blood”, “wasted time” from the roots… And instead of “martial arts”, I would do “sixth sense”

  19. Svetlana Spokoynaya: “Faraway”,”Half past Loneliness”, “Life to die for “, “Message to God”, “Wasted Time “,” Season’s change”, “Follow me” 🙂

  20. Kristofer von W: “1348”, “Wasted time”, “Fear”, “Time”, “Land of broken hearts” from the past, and “May you never walk alone” and “So right, so wrong” (among others) from today. It’ll be great anyhow 🙂

  21. Nob49@アチエネ ❄️ ☀️ ロイハン!

    @49archenemy 7h7 hours ago
    Replying to @royalhuntband
    Angel’s gone
    Sign of yesterday
    Last goodbye

  22. I would absolutely love to see The Mission in it’s entirety. Add Game of Fear, Edge of the World, Season’s Change, The Final Lullaby, all title tracks from all albums which have them, the entire Collision Course album, and definitely Sea of Time.

  23. Something that you’ve never played before (Or it was Long time ago):
    Give It Up, Another Man Down, Sign Of Yesterday, Here Today – Gone Tomorrow, Voices, … Something from this little list)

    But it’s very difficult to choose! All songs in the discography are great!

  24. Cold City Lights
    The Mission
    Army of Slaves
    Half Past Loneliness
    Can’t Let Go

    There are lots of great deep tracks that need to be played.

  25. It’s Over from Paradox (yeah I know it’s been done over and over, but the song kicks ass)
    Season’s Change, from Paper blood
    Burning Sun, from Eye Witness
    Hostile Blood, from Collision Course
    Days of no Trust, from the Mission
    Stay Down, from Moving Target

    … to name a few 🙂

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