• thorn in my heart official video

Thorn in My Heart – Official Video

August 14, 2023|0 Comments

Hello friends, The working title for this track was “Betrayal” and if you´re familiar with the book “Fahrenheit 451” than you probably know the part in which the main character got home and [...]

Posada Rock Festival 2023

May 9, 2023|0 Comments

We´re very excited to be invited back to Posada Rock Festival. More dates TBA here. The 2023 edition of the Posada Rock Festival will take place September 1-3, 2023 at [...]

  • Royal Hunt - Live Another Day - Official Music Video

Live Another Day – Official Music Video

December 1, 2022|0 Comments

ROYAL HUNT – NEW VIDEO ONLINE: “LIVE ANOTHER DAY” - TAKEN FROM  THEIR BRAND NEW CONCEPT STUDIO ALBUM “DYSTOPIA, PT. 2” Royal Hunt: “Live Another Day” – Official Video - https://youtu.be/KCbiLhyMhbk «Dystopia. Part 2” is [...]

  • Dystopia - Part 2

Final Tracklist Revealed

September 8, 2022|6 Comments

Howdy partners,We are happy to be able to announce the final tracklist of the new studio album "Dystopia - Part 2": 1. MIDWAY (RESUMPTION)2. THORN IN MY HEART3. THE KEY OF INSANITY4. LIVE ANOTHER DAY5. THE [...]

  • Andre Andersen is mixing Dystopia - Part 2

Mixing Dystopia – Part 2

August 10, 2022|3 Comments

Hey all.  Good news from the NorthPoint dungeon: "Dystopia - Part 2" is at the mixing stage. So far it sounds quite a bit edgier than its predecessor, but fear not – it´s still [...]

  • royal_hunt_big_in_japan_90_burrn_magazine_2022

Big in Japan

May 16, 2022|0 Comments

It is remarkable to see Royal Hunt on the pages of "BIG IN JAPAN" - a special issue of BURRN magazine.  Pretty notable to find the whole lot of stories about Royal Hunt's musical journey [...]

Songwriting completed

September 29, 2021|1 Comment

"Dear friends, Songwriting for “Dystopia. Part 2” has been completed: as the story unfolds, the material´s got a bit more aggressive yet fairly dynamic, leaving space for a few experiments here and there. Obviously, as [...]

Land Of Broken Hearts – Reissue 2021

September 16, 2021|0 Comments

ROYAL HUNT DEBUT CD TURNS 30 YEARS - COLLECTORS EDITION IS DUE IN OCTOBER The re-mastered version of ROYAL HUNT’s debut album – ”Land Of Broken Hearts” will be released on the 29th of October [...]

Paper Blood – Reissue 2021

June 18, 2021|2 Comments

ROYAL HUNT ANNOUNCE THE RE-ISSUE OF THEIR 2005 STUDIO ALBUM "PAPER BLOOD" AS A DOUBLE LP AND AN EXTENDED CD. ROYAL HUNT announced a re-issued version of their 2005 studio album “Paper Blood” as a [...]

Metal Rules Magazine

June 7, 2021|0 Comments

In-depth interview with André Andersen has been made by Anders Sandvall of Metal Rules Magazine (Sweden). Digest: 🔴 Paper Blood is being prepared for reissue on a double LP and an extended CD; 🔴 Live [...]


April 21, 2021|0 Comments

ROYAL HUNT's ANDRÉ ANDERSEN REACHES TOP 3 IN KEYBOARDSPLAYER CHART OF BURRN MAGAZINE André Andersen is always in a good company. Congrats to all winners of the Keyboardsplayer chart in March issue of Burrn! magazine '21. See [...]

Dystopia Pt.1 is out now

January 15, 2021|0 Comments

"Dystopia Pt.1" is now available on ALL digital platforms (as MP3, FLAC), and as a regular CD (jewel case), various deluxe editions / bundles and a double heavy vinyl LP here at royalhunt.com ▶️ Spotify: [...]

Release Date Postponed

December 27, 2020|Comments Off on Release Date Postponed

News from our distributers/partners SOUND POLLUTION: due to an ongoing pandemic, which keeps slowing down all logistical/postal services considerably, we´ve been forced to postpone release date of Royal Hunt´s new album – “Dystopia” – to [...]


October 26, 2020|2 Comments

ROYAL HUNT will release their new studio album – “Dystopia” - on December 9th via King Records (Japan/SE Asia) and on December 18th via NorthPoint Productions (Europe/N & S America). A concept album offering a [...]

Pre-Boarding Has Started

October 18, 2020|0 Comments

Hello passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for pre-ordering campaign RH2020. We are now inviting only passengers requiring NAME BUNDLES. YOU are welcome to become a proud supporter of the upcoming release by pre-ordering your [...]

Clown In The Mirror Reissue

October 9, 2020|0 Comments

A special Edition of "Clown In The Mirror" LP remastered for vinyl will be released in the end of November 2020 by Night Of The Vinyl Dead (Italy). Bone colored vinyl with brown splatters featuring [...]

Status Update

May 11, 2020|0 Comments

Dear all, We understand that you´d like to hear more about our new album and such, but – due to the ongoing “Wuhan virus” pandemic – all release plans have been cancelled / changed / [...]