Cast In Stone


How to progress and yet keep the identity which took over 25 years to establish? How to create the ever evolving – and at times rather complicated – musical compositions and wrap it up in an accessible format with that recognizable sound? Royal Hunt does it with ease and now – with their 14th studio album – proves once again that creativity and staying true to yourself can work hand-in-hand and produce some astonishing results: will you please welcome the ultimate proof of that – “Cast in Stone”... Royal Team


André Andersen: "This album took a while to complete… mind you, between the very first idea and until the final mix we did two tours and released two live-albums… so this one´s been in the making for quite some time. In a way it´s been very practical: you could work on it for a while, than go on doing something else and then come back later to re-evaluate what´s been done before. As a result all songs on the album are solid and well crafted, showing every aspect of Royal Hunt today: originality, catchy hooks, strong melodies, great musicianship and larger-than-life production. On that - the production - we definitely did quite a job: all the vital recorded parts were done in analog as well as the final mixing/mastering so there´re no “loudness wars” in-sight; no brickwall limited, over-compressed, lifeless wall of sound… the album breaths just like a real rock album should. I could also go on for hours praising everybody´s contribution – musicians and singers alike - but as my opinion will inevitably be very biased, I would prefer to leave the final judgment to you… after all this album´s been made for you to enjoy (although we´re enjoying it immensely ourselves at the moment)"

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"Cast In Stone" is out now in Japan on King Records, and worldwide - on our own label NorthPoint Productions


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Ripollet Festival 2018 Recap

330 Ripollet Rock 2018 24-08-2018 ©Alfredo M. Geisse 2018 (FILEminimizer) post img We've been going through the last tour´s video and photo material: one of the highlights was Ripollet Rock in Barcelona. Great organization and a very enthusiastic crowd (including a few familiar faces) – what else could any band want? Oh yeah, also an outstanding catering and nice weather (with occasional lightning strikes in the background). Enjoy! -

Land of Broken Hearts: Reissue


We're excited to present the re-mastered version of our debut album – "Land of Broken Hearts" (Special Edition 2018) out on the 15th of August (NorthPoint Productions). It includes an extended booklet with rare pictures, “the making of” – story written by André Andersen, 4 bonus tracks and one previously unreleased song (recently restored/re-recorded). "Land of Broken Hearts" has previously been released on vinyl (Night of the Vinyl Dead).


You can find this new release on most digital download / streaming platforms. Tracklisting: Running Wild – Easy Rider – Flight – Age Gone Wild – Martial Arts (Instrumental) – One by One – Heart of the City – Land of Broken Hearts – Freeway Jam (Instrumental) – Kingdom Dark – Stranded – Day in Day Out – Land of Broken Hearts (Acoustic Version) – Age Gone Wild (Acoustic Version) – Bad Luck – What Goes Around Comes Around


While going through the archives in search of bonus material, some raw video footage was found which was shot all the way back in 1992 but never used: the band performing “Age Gone Wild” from their debut. Now the film has been restored/edited and finally published, giving all Royal Hunt fans a unique opportunity to re-discover this once lost and now – fortunately – newly found gem

  Land of Broken Hearts (Special Edition 2018) is available: SPOTIFY: GOOGLE PLAY: AMAZON: ROYALHUNT.COM:   André Andersen unpacking the special edition: "Land of Broken Hearts" - Official Video:   Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

The Wishing Well – Lyric Video

royal-hunt-release-the-wishing-well-music-video-image We are excited to present the new lyric video for the song "The Wishing Well" from our latest album "Cast in Stone". Watch a six minutes musical rollercoaster accompanied by stunning pictures from the latest concert in Moscow by Serge Adamovich – all skillfully put together into one hell of a lyric video by Bernard Kellerer from We will play the second string of dates in support of "Cast in Stone" later this summer: 24/08/18 – (ES) Barcelona, Ripollet Rock Festival 30/08/18 – (DK) Copenhagen, BETA (Amager Bio) 31/08/18 – (RO) Campulung, Posada Rock Festival   Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:  

🎥 Fistful of Misery

royal-hunt-cast-in-stone We´re happy to – finally – be able to present a video clip for the song “Fistful of Misery” from our brand new studio album “Cast in Stone”. The video was made by Kenny Rander, filmed in familiar surroundings: at Media Sound Studio, owned and run by our dear friend Peter Brander… the place where a long, long time ago (27 years to be exact) our debut album was mixed. Hope you like the song and the video – enjoy! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

Release Party

royal-hunt-cast-in-stone The release date is finally here, so while your physical copy is on the way - why wait any longer? Log in to get your free download of the album right now in the store - (You should be able to see the downloads after logging in). As you can see...we also prepared a special dish for the release party... While “Cast in Stone” keeps getting fantastic reviews across the board we´ve been made aware of the fact that its darker, deeper sound we chose to use this time might not come across clearly enough while played on some less advanced sound systems (and maybe not all of us love that warm, analog-tape-based sound),  we decided to include a lighter/slimmer mastered version of the album as an extra bonus for all who order from us directly. Enjoy!  

First copies arrived!

royal-hunt-north-poinit-productions-cast-in-stone-new-full-album-by-royal-hunt-rock-metal-power-progressive First copies have arrived and we will begin to ship them right away. All digipaks and box sets look great and are soft-touch, which is a great bonus for all who order a physical copy. Yes, we've been trying to please all kind of senses - sound, sight and touch - so next release will probably taste good and smell delicious.    royal-hunt-north-poinit-productions-cast-in-stone-new-full-album-by-royal-hunt-rock-metal-power-progressive

Names in all booklets

royal-hunt-cast-in-stone-full-album-cover-artwork-out-in-2018 Quite unexpected but true - those who supported the release by ordering a name in the liner notes will find his name not only in the EU / NA edition, but also in japanese / asian. Our partners - japanese record label King Records are so cool - they added you to their booklets too.

Recent Interviews

royal-hunt-cast-in-stone-full-album-cover-artwork-out-in-2018 Recent interviews: (EN) by Thanos Aggelakis of Grande Rock (EN) by Duncan Jamieson of Fireworks Magazine (ES) by Pablo Bevacqua of Rock&Prog Argentina (PT) by André Luiz Paiz of (IT) by Roman Owar of Loud&Proud Italy (FR) by JB of (GR) by Theodore Kritikos of Metal Asylum (EN) by Erika Wallberg of MetalKaoz (RU) by Vsevolod Baronin of Pedalzoo (RU) by Эндрю Кондор of - (EN) by Shawn Irwin of Decibel Geek

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