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Hey guys, welcome to our 25th Anniversary!

If you’re reading and watching this it means that you already joined our pre-ordering campaign and I´d like to thank you for it: the band cannot continue being creative (or even being active at all) without its loyal, supportive fans… we´re just fortunate enough to have you by our side – and it feels great! Don´t be shy: go to the discussion below to say “Hi”, ask questions or share your thoughts about the campaign.

So why a live-DVD and not an EP of sorts or – even better – a new studio album?

Well, it seems like this release was just bound to happen from the very beginning: by the time we hit Moscow (which was placed in the second leg of the tour) the band was on fire after playing so many shows in a row; “Izvestiya Hall” looked nice and all the gear we needed was in place; a large backdrop screen allowed us to use our graphics; there were plenty of lights (although we rented quite a few extras anyway… more is more, right? 🙂 and we just happened to get in touch with a video crew which was capable and available that particular day. And not to forget the sense of tradition: “1996”, “2006”… it had to come out as “2016”…so here you go!


But all good things never come easy (read: cheap) so the completion of the final product took months: the video editing, the necessary conversions for DVD and BluRay, all kinds of authoring, audio mix, mastering for different formats… it went on and on, man I´m so glad that we´re finally done 🙂

On top of that: in order to make this release a bit more special we decided to do something that the record company just couldn´t do (way too expensive) – a full blown Media Book with all the bells and whistles we could add to it… looks great, I hope you´d agree.

I’d sign off (for now) with wishing you lots of fun watching the updates and whatever extras we´ve got in store for you for the duration of this campaign and – by the time the actual package will arrive at your doorsteps – enjoy it… it´s worth the wait, trust me 🙂





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  1. Hello!)) Looks so great! Thanks so much!
    Андрей, Ваши труды того стоили. Воистину потрясающий релиз. Спасибо большое!)) Так же хочу отметить интересную особенность Д.С. Купера. В живую он поёт гораздо интереснее и душевнее, чем в студии. Например концертная версия Far Away и Clown in the Mirror с 1996 или A Life To Die For с любого шоу, звучат намного красивее и эмоциональнее их студийных версий. В нём столько энергетики и огня в живую, что слушаешь на одном дыхании)) Поэтому, данный релиз для меня многое значит!)) П.С. Существуют в природе концертные записи с Марком Боалсом на вокале и 2002 с Джоном? И если да, есть ли шанс, что это когда-нибудь увидет свет?

  2. Hi!)) Really glad to hear from you again! Thank you so much for releasing this! That’s wonderful! P.S. I hear myself on this part of the video!))

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