Cast In Stone

Cast In Stone

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How to progress and yet keep the identity which took over 25 years to establish? How to create the ever evolving – and at times rather complicated – musical compositions and wrap it up in an accessible format with that recognizable sound? Royal Hunt does it with ease and now – with their 14th studio album – proves once again that creativity and staying true to yourself can work hand-in-hand and produce some astonishing results: will you please welcome the ultimate proof of that – “Cast in Stone”... the album you'll be listening to again, again and again. - Royal Team

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Royal Hunt

André Andersen: "This album took a while to complete… mind you, between the very first idea and until the final mix we did two tours and released two live-albums… so this one´s been in the making for quite some time. In a way it´s been very practical: you could work on it for a while, than go on doing something else and then come back later to re-evaluate what´s been done before. As a result all songs on the album are solid and well crafted, showing every aspect of Royal Hunt today: originality, catchy hooks, strong melodies, great musicianship and larger-than-life production. On that - the production - we definitely did quite a job: all the vital recorded parts were done in analog as well as the final mixing/mastering so there´re no “loudness wars” in-sight; no brickwall limited, over-compressed, lifeless wall of sound… the album breaths just like a real rock album should. I could also go on for hours praising everybody´s contribution – musicians and singers alike - but as my opinion will inevitably be very biased, I would prefer to leave the final judgment to you… after all this album´s been made for you to enjoy (although we´re enjoying it immensely ourselves at the moment)"


Royal Hunt's "Cast In Stone" Deluxe Edition Box Set is a music experience including the studio album on a CD and an instrumental / karaoke version of the album on the bonus CD, extended booklet, poster and thick lanyard - all in a soft touch cardboard jacket. The package includes the online extension - the Access to video updates & behind the scenes, listening parties, discussion and private shopping for individual items.

Royal Hunt Cast In Stone Limited Double CD Edition

Royal Hunt "Cast in Stone" Deluxe Edition Box Set (Limited Edition)

The Deluxe Edition of the new studio album by Royal Hunt "Cast In Stone" includes:


CD 2: Instrumental / Karaoke version of the studio album "Cast in Stone".

Both CDs mixed and NorthPoint Productions and mastered at Audio Planet by Jan Eliasson, DK.

"Cast In Stone" will be out in Japan on King Records on the 7th of February 2018, and worldwide - on the 21st of February on our own label NorthPoint Productions

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When ?

royal-hunt-cast-in-stone-full-album-cover-artwork-out-in-2018 Hi guys, there's still no information about the regular EU/NA release - but one thing we know for sure: all those who support the release by joining this pre-ordering campaign - will get their copies prior to anybody else in Europe and North America and will also be able to listen to the album on the very day of release.

Digipak Edition

royal-hunt-cast-in-stone-gidipak-deluxe-limited-edition Dear friends, while reviewing your feedback our marketing team discovered that you're mostly interested in a digipak deluxe edition rather than a hard cover CDbook. They decided to grant your wishes by offering a digipak deluxe box set editon of our new album. The content will stay exactly the same with only difference being the amount of booklet pages which, in turn, will bring the overall cost down. Pre-ordering campaign will continue on same conditions. All of you who already ordered a cdbook will get a price difference refunded within 1-2 business days. Should you have any questions, please get in touch with Cheers, RH

The contents

royal-hunt-deluxe-edition-contents-two-cd The Deluxe DIGIPAK edition of the new studio album by Royal Hunt "Cast In Stone" includes: CD 1: Studio Album "Cast In Stone" Tracklisting: FISTFUL OF MISERY THE LAST SOUL ALIVE SACRIFICE THE WISHING WELL CAST IN STONE A MILLION WAYS TO DIE REST IN PEACE SAVE ME II CD 2: Instrumental / Karaoke version of the studio album "Cast in Stone". Instrumental version has been mixed at NorthPoint Productions and mastered at Audio Planet by Jan Eliasson, DK.

Title Quiz

Cast In Stone Royal Hunt - Title Quiz Winners Are you the winner of the "Title Quiz" ? The Winners are: Facebook: 🏆 # 1 Chris Metters was the FIRST who posted the right answer "Cast in Stone" on the 2nd of December 2nd at 2.15 pm 🏆 # 2 Hans Schers was the second who posted the right answer "Cast in Stone" on the 3rd of December at 11.06 am 🏆 # 3 Toni Lopez was the first to post title most close in a meaning "Carved in Stone" on the 1st of December at 11.46 am Twitter: 🏆 #1 Masa Suni‏ posted the most close answer "Turn to Stone" on the 1st of December. We ask the winners to log in to your Fan Club accounts (or create new ones) and make sure your shipping addresses, names and emails are correct, so we can send your trophey to you - a free copy of the new album. You will receive a comfirmation letter as we find your registration at the Fan Club. In case of any questions please feel free to get in touch with There were few more people who posted very close guesses - but a bit later. All in all we received 395 answers. We must admit, it was a whole lot of fun reading them, so we'd like to THANK EVERYBODY for posting (especially Mathieu David for "Hail to Metal", Stephen Skriver for "Made In Japan" Constantin Varetsky for "Move it close", Oleg Bakultsev for "Disk of times", Tero Järvensivu for "2018") 🙂
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