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Following the tradition after two successful DVD releases – “1996” and “2006” – it´s time for a third one: “2016”. Recorded with 9 HD cameras and top-notch audio equipment in Moscow´s “Izvestiya Hall” during the band´s last year´s world tour the video shows “all-fab-things-Royal”: high energy show in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd, excellent set list, the band in top form and a stunning stage production… add a stellar audio and this package, celebrating Royal Hunt´s 25th Anniversary, is any hard rock fan´s delight.

Royal Hunt 2016 New DVD BluRay

Royal Hunt "2016" New DVD / BluRay

André Andersen: “25 years later Royal Hunt´s still going strong… who could have imagined that? Not me for sure… a quarter of the century?! Absolutely unreal.

13 studio albums, lots of special EP´s and compilations, 5 live albums, literally countless shows/tours and now the 4th DVD release… lots of ups and downs along the way yet we´re still around, still able to do what we love doing the most – making music.

I always felt that if you do it from your heart, if you stay true to yourself and work hard you´ll be granted this sort of staying power… and yes, we´re all extremely grateful to our fans for giving us an opportunity to create, to improve and to continue our musical journey.

So - once again: push that “play” button, enjoy this DVD and rest assured – the best is yet to come!”

Royal Hunt 2016 Promo Photo

Royal Hunt

In celebration of the date we offer a very special edition of "2016" to our most devoted fans - Deluxe Limited Edition MEDIABOOK:

Royal Hunt DVD 2016 Mediabook Limited Edition

Royal Hunt "2016" Deluxe Mediabook (Limited Edition)

Royal Hunt "2016" Mediabook is a 360° concert experience which includes: a 28-page book with 2 CDs + 1 Blu Ray Disc (or DVD Disc) + 1 extra DVD with video updates + backstage pass with your name on it, anniversary guitar pick, signed souvenir set list, and the online extension including the Access to video updates, behind the scenes, listening parties, discussion and private shopping.


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Royal Hunt DVD 2016 Mediabook Limited Edition Many japanese fans asked: how does the Mediabook differ from any regular version? Here's the answer. メディアブックの内容に関する答え: メディアブックには: + 28ページのブックレット(歌詞と写真) + 2枚のCD + 1枚のBlu-rayディスク(またはDVDディスク) + 1枚のボーナスDVD + 名前入りバックパックパス + 記念のギターピック + サイン入りセットリスト + オンラインビデオへのアクセス、舞台裏、リスニングパーティー、ディスカッションへの参加権限 ブルーレイ&DVD - リージョン "0"

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Message from André +


Hey guys, welcome to our 25th Anniversary!

If you're reading and watching this it means that you already joined our pre-ordering campaign and I´d like to thank you for it: the band cannot continue being creative (or even being active at all) without its loyal, supportive fans… we´re just fortunate enough to have you by our side – and it feels great! Don´t be shy: go to the discussion below to say “Hi”, ask questions or share your thoughts about the campaign.

So why a live-DVD and not an EP of sorts or – even better – a new studio album?

Well, it seems like this release was just bound to happen from the very beginning: by the time we hit Moscow (which was placed in the second leg of the tour) the band was on fire after playing so many shows in a row; “Izvestiya Hall” looked nice and all the gear we needed was in place; a large backdrop screen allowed us to use our graphics; there were plenty of lights (although we rented quite a few extras anyway… more is more, right? 🙂 and we just happened to get in touch with a video crew which was capable and available that particular day. And not to forget the sense of tradition: “1996”, “2006”… it had to come out as “2016”…so here you go!


But all good things never come easy (read: cheap) so the completion of the final product took months: the video editing, the necessary conversions for DVD and BluRay, all kinds of authoring, audio mix, mastering for different formats… it went on and on, man I´m so glad that we´re finally done 🙂

On top of that: in order to make this release a bit more special we decided to do something that the record company just couldn´t do (way too expensive) – a full blown Media Book with all the bells and whistles we could add to it… looks great, I hope you´d agree.

I'd sign off (for now) with wishing you lots of fun watching the updates and whatever extras we´ve got in store for you for the duration of this campaign and - by the time the actual package will arrive at your doorsteps – enjoy it… it´s worth the wait, trust me 🙂




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Royal Hunt's 25th Anniversary - "2016"

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