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Title Quiz

Are you the winner of the "Title Quiz" ? The Winners are: Facebook: 🏆 # 1 Chris Metters was the FIRST who posted the right answer "Cast in Stone" on the 2nd of December 2nd at 2.15 pm 🏆 # 2 Hans Schers was the second who posted the right answer "Cast in Stone" on the 3rd of December at 11.06 am 🏆 # 3 Toni Lopez was the first to post title most close in a meaning "Carved in Stone" on the 1st of December at 11.46 am Twitter: 🏆 #1 Masa Suni‏ posted the most close answer "Turn to Stone" on the 1st of December. We ask the winners to log in to your Fan Club accounts (or create new ones) and make sure your shipping addresses, names and emails are correct, so we can send your trophey to you - a free copy of the new album. You will receive a comfirmation letter as we find your registration at the Fan Club. In case of any questions please feel free to get in touch with There were few more people who posted very close guesses - but a bit later. All in all we received 395 answers. We must admit, it was a whole lot of fun reading them, so we'd like to THANK EVERYBODY for posting (especially Mathieu David for "Hail to Metal", Stephen Skriver for "Made In Japan" Constantin Varetsky for "Move it close", Oleg Bakultsev for "Disk of times", Tero Järvensivu for "2018") 🙂

Fans Support “2016”

We'd like thank T&J who are exactly the kind of supportive fans every band needs and who started this "royal support" trend: they printed our flyers and passed almost two hundred (!) of them around on Vulcan Hot Road Festival (France) yesterday night - in support of the upcoming live DVD "2016". Thanks a million, guys, we appreciate it a lot! As some of you out there wish to follow these pioneer´s example - now you can download the flyers below. Well, printing them out and hanging one on a fridge at your place of work or a favorite bar, or even secretly keeping them to yourself might work as well 🙂 Cheers, RH \m/

Download this printer friendly flyer: Download "2016" A4 Flyer (PDF) Or use a quick code: Download Royal Hunt QR Code


Many japanese fans asked: how does the Mediabook differ from any regular version? Here's the answer. メディアブックの内容に関する答え: メディアブックには: + 28ページのブックレット(歌詞と写真) + 2枚のCD + 1枚のBlu-rayディスク(またはDVDディスク) + 1枚のボーナスDVD + 名前入りバックパックパス + 記念のギターピック + サイン入りセットリスト + オンラインビデオへのアクセス、舞台裏、リスニングパーティー、ディスカッションへの参加権限 ブルーレイ&DVD - リージョン "0"

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