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Happy Birthday André

André Andersen celebrates his 55th birthday today. We wish him a wonderful day and the best of luck in whatever he does and wherever he goes. We would also like to wish him plenty of  opportunities to fulfil  all the music projects he has in mind, so  we could hear even more beautiful tunes and heavy riffs.


Royal Retro – Part 2

Royal Hunt Demo Tape Side A

Royal Retro continues spying about the history of Royal Hunt and their very first recordings. Some of you were actually pretty close to guessing the songs, but none could name all four of them... understandably so as all songs were written way before the band was even formed, so we asked André himself to comment:

"In retrospect - an interesting combination of songs…I´d date it back to 1989/early 1990. “One by One” has been written years earlier (I´d guess ´86/87), we played it “live” numerous times in our “club days”, before we got signed. Same thing with “Age Gone Wild” – I recall this particular version being our second attempt to record it. “Give it Up” should be a little older, yet – for some reason – ended on “Moving Target” (1995)… never played that one live. “Heart of the City” has been recorded for this demo tape especially… I guess we wanted to add something a bit faster to this collection of songs".

Royal Hunt Demo Tape Side B

Royal Retro – Part 1

Chances are pretty slim that you've ever heard of the third tape on this picture…we´re talking REAL retro here.

Royal Hunt Tape Cassets

Some of you might still have Land of Broken Hearts or Clown in the Mirror on tape from the early nineties, but unlikely ever seen the third one, which happened to be the very beginning of Royal Hunt.

Royal Hunt Demo Tape

This demo tape was recorded prior to the release of Land of Broken Hearts in 1991; cassettes were handed out to some of the record labels, promoters and press, so – in a way - this demo introduced the name Royal Hunt to Scandinavian rock music circles at that time.

The cover was created by Steen Mogensen (the image has later been re-designed to the current version of Dragon Logo by Martin Burridge in 1991) The tape contains four known songs which consequently were included into future albums. Can anybody name those songs? Ok, you can at least guess? 🙂

The answer will be revealed in the next issue of the newsletter.

Support Music Creators

You think that performers and creators should get a fair share? Then get involved! On 21 September, the European Commission will propose a reform of European Copyright law. We encourage fellow musicians from Europe to support these initiatives by signing the petitions and spreading the word:

For music creators: #maketheinternetfair

For performers: #fairinternet4performers

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