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Fans Support “2016”

We'd like thank T&J who are exactly the kind of supportive fans every band needs and who started this "royal support" trend: they printed our flyers and passed almost two hundred (!) of them around on Vulcan Hot Road Festival (France) yesterday night - in support of the upcoming live DVD "2016". Thanks a million, guys, we appreciate it a lot! As some of you out there wish to follow these pioneer´s example - now you can download the flyers below. Well, printing them out and hanging one on a fridge at your place of work or a favorite bar, or even secretly keeping them to yourself might work as well 🙂 Cheers, RH \m/

Download this printer friendly flyer: Download "2016" A4 Flyer (PDF) Or use a quick code: Download Royal Hunt QR Code


Many japanese fans asked: how does the Mediabook differ from any regular version? Here's the answer. メディアブックの内容に関する答え: メディアブックには: + 28ページのブックレット(歌詞と写真) + 2枚のCD + 1枚のBlu-rayディスク(またはDVDディスク) + 1枚のボーナスDVD + 名前入りバックパックパス + 記念のギターピック + サイン入りセットリスト + オンラインビデオへのアクセス、舞台裏、リスニングパーティー、ディスカッションへの参加権限 ブルーレイ&DVD - リージョン "0"

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25th Anniversary ♕

Following the tradition after two successful DVD releases – “1996” and “2006” – it´s time for a third one: “2016”. Recorded with 9 HD cameras and top-notch audio equipment in Moscow´s “Izvestiya Hall” during the band´s last year´s world tour the video shows “all-fab-things-Royal”: high energy show in front of the enthusiastic crowd, excellent set list, the band in top form and a stunning stage production… add a stellar audio and this package, celebrating Royal Hunt´s 25th Anniversary, is any hard rock fan´s delight.

In celebration of the date a very special edition of "2016" is being offered - Deluxe Limited Edition MEDIABOOK - a 28-page book including 2 CDs and 1 DVD (or Blu-Ray Disc) + 1 extra DVD with video updates and more + extras. Pre-Ordering of "2016" Mediabook at grants an Exclusive Access to

+ video updates

+ listening party;

+ discussion

Check out the watch the Video Trailer and get ready!

Royal Hunt 2016 DVD Blu-Ray 25th Anniversary

Royal Hunt "2016" DVD, Blu-Ray - 25th Anniversary

  ♥️  Heavy Metal Valentine's Day to all of you!  ♥️, RH  

Merry Christmas

It’s been awhile since we last checked in here… but we’ve been working pretty hard these last few months. And now – now - we literary CAN´T sit on our hands and NOT letting you know about all the things we’ve been preparing for the 2017… but we´re obligated to, dammit! Will most definitely share some news soon. Now, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Heavy Metal Holidays and a Very Happy New Year – stay tuned for lots of good music next year and take care of each other! Kind regards, Royal Hunt

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Artwork/Photography by Dave Sinclair

Happy Birthday André

André Andersen celebrates his 55th birthday today. We wish him a wonderful day and the best of luck in whatever he does and wherever he goes. We would also like to wish him plenty of  opportunities to fulfil  all the music projects he has in mind, so  we could hear even more beautiful tunes and heavy riffs.


Royal Retro – Part 2

Royal Hunt Demo Tape Side A

Royal Retro continues spying about the history of Royal Hunt and their very first recordings. Some of you were actually pretty close to guessing the songs, but none could name all four of them... understandably so as all songs were written way before the band was even formed, so we asked André himself to comment:

"In retrospect - an interesting combination of songs…I´d date it back to 1989/early 1990. “One by One” has been written years earlier (I´d guess ´86/87), we played it “live” numerous times in our “club days”, before we got signed. Same thing with “Age Gone Wild” – I recall this particular version being our second attempt to record it. “Give it Up” should be a little older, yet – for some reason – ended on “Moving Target” (1995)… never played that one live. “Heart of the City” has been recorded for this demo tape especially… I guess we wanted to add something a bit faster to this collection of songs".

Royal Hunt Demo Tape Side B